Bike Set-Up


Handlebar & Controls adjustments

Setting up the controls on a trial bike is different for every rider because of varying abilities and heights. What's important to know is how to fine tune them as you improve your skills in order to get the very best from your machine. Cabes shows you how.


Fork adjustments

Fork Adjustments

There's a lot to take in when it comes to setting up the forks on a trial bike which can be a little daunting, but with these top tips from Albert Cabestany, you'll have them fine tuned in no time at all.

Tires adjustment

Tires preassure adjustment

Tyre pressure is incredibly important and needs to be adjusted for each and every ride in order to enjoy perfect grip. This is a must watch video as Cabes shares the settings that he used during his illustrious career in TrialGP.




What is trial?

Trial is art on two wheels! Recommended by many as the best foundation of skills for all offroad motorcycle sports, it teaches you balance, control, and patience. If you can ride trial, you can ride anything!

start off the bike

Ride trial

There's no better feeling than riding a trial bike for the very first time! But before you head out, let Cabes talk you through the basics to ensure that you have a safe introduction to the sport


how to balance

The most important skill needed for trial. In this video you'll learn how to stay calm and how to compensate for the bike moving around beneath you. You'll also discover just how important the clutch is in order to achieve the perfect balance.





Overcome obstacles

Different obstacles call for different techniques in order to master them perfectly. By the end of this must-see episode, you'll know how to use your bike and body as one to clean the most daunting of sections effectively.


How to stoppie

Everyone loves a stoppie! The most important thing when learning how to start rolling along on the front wheel is to build up slowly and start small. But as you advance, you'll be surprised by just how useful this skill can be when when you're out riding normal sections.

Section Riding

Section Riding

In this must-watch video for trial competitors of all abilities, Cabes explains the importance of walking, inspecting, and deciding upon the best line in a section in order to complete it cleanly and efficiently.


How to wheelie

Not only do they look really cool, but learning to wheelie can make a big difference in how you approach some trial sections, too. There are a few basic steps to learn, which Cabes demonstrates in this video, and once you have them mastered you’ll be cruising along on your back wheel in no time at all!

wheel hop

How to wheel hop

An essential skill for effective trial riding. In order to tackle the next obstacle effectively, learning to wheel hop using the bike's controls will set you up on the right line and allow you to easily master the terrain ahead.




rock hopping

rock hopping

This advanced technique can really help you conquer some seriously technical terrain. In this episode, Cabes teaches you how to use your suspension to your advantage and stay on top of the rocks, maintain momentum, and clean challenging sections in style!.

Flick turn

How to flick turn

An advanced manoeuvre that once mastered, can save time on a section and not to mention, it looks pretty cool too. Start small, build up step-by-step, and then you'll be impressing your mates in no time!

time limit

Riding with

Time limit

No pressure! Riding within a time limit can be a little daunting, but if you can stay calm and relaxed, select your line in advance and stick to it, you’ll be on your way to cleaning sections in style. Think ahead, plan, and execute!

.Double / Triple Stage

Double / Triple Stage

An advanced manoeuvre that once mastered, is a seriously cool skill to possess. Gear and line choice is essential here, as when tackling two or more steps in a row, you’ll sometimes need to use your balance point on the bike to keep your front wheel in the air between each step. Watch and learn with Cabes.

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